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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Secret Pumpkin!

Hello All! It's time to show all of our goodies. Every year we have a fun secret pumpkin. We all get spoiled and get lots of candy LOL!  My secret pumpkin was Summer Hill! She completely spoiled me all these lovely goodies. Thank You Summer! I love everything. :) This box she made me is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you all enjoy looking at all our fun goodies. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Your next stop is Summer Hills! :)

Betty Roberts
BreAnn, Lindsey, Terry, Barb, Vanessa, Carmen
are all on here...

Corinne Jones

Sheri Loatwall

Trish thedish Sakulich

Marie Franklin

Maggie Schoener

Robin Bogle

Ashley Murphy

Lisa Howell

Tanja Charles

Emily Shroom

Kay Mowat

Wendy Billings

Stacey Stratis

Katya Bess

Elisabete Balcavage

Jackie Maunder

Anita Blake

Rio Ford

Summer Hills-Painter

Jo Walker

 Heather Whitlock

Tanya Johnson

Dianna Sowerbrower

Sharette Smith

Melissa Varga

Kathy Gillon

Rochelle Ayris

 Roz Wolfe


  1. Wow, stunning box and loads of fun stuff to enjoy!

  2. The box is just gorgeous, and I know you'll have fun playing with all your goodies.